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Checklist for Internet Connection on G455/G755/G766 - Troubleshooting for Internet Connection


Checklist for internet connection
First you will want to be sure your monitor indicates that it has a proper internet connection by what displays in the screen of the monitor. If your system utilizes a UID, your monitor should display "internet connected." If your system utilizes a DID, your monitor will display a globe icon to the right of the battery icon. If you see the globe icon with dots, your system is trying to connect but not connected. . 

Second, please be sure that your monitor is sitting in the cradle, the cradle is connected to an electrical outlet, and connected to the internet router(maybe your modem if no connection through the router is achieved).

Next you will want to download the Microsoft C++ redistributable package from step one at the bottom of the View Now screen, restart your computer, and uninstall any other OCX from your computer. It will be found as the UGRS file in the add/remove programs in your Control Panel. Lastly, please be sure that you have downloaded/installed the OCX at bottom of the screen and selected to allow the add-on to run when the pop up appears below your internet tool bar. Also, that you are attempting to remote in on a computer with XP, Vista, or Win7 and the browser must be Internet Explorer 8 or better.

For your smartphone, please be sure you download the correct app based on the firmware you have on your monitor. In your app store, you can search with keywords UNIDEN GUARDIAN and you will get a blue/white(Guardian) app and a black/gold(Guardian 2) app. If your monitor has a UID, you will use the Guardian app. If it has a DID code, you will use the Guardian 2 app instead. Please note that on the Guardian 2 app, you will be required to enter a password. This in not to be confused with your login password. This will actually be the security code in your monitor.  



Surveillance Systems

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