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Surveillance Systems
Top FAQs on the Guardian & UDW Series - Differences between Guardian & UDW Series


Guardian Surveillance Systems

Each camera can only be paired to a single monitor at a time.

The only Apple products that it will work with is iPhone and iPad, NOT Mac computers

UID is the old firmware and will require the GUARDIAN (Blue & White) app on smart phones and tablets

DID replaces the older UID when the new firmware is applied and uses the GUARDIAN 2 (Black & Gold)

Can only record audio when viewing one camera at a time

Yes, this system is able to record up to 4 cameras at the same time

If you are not able to record the video on a computer, they need to add as a trusted site in their Internet Options in their browser

4GB SD card gives about 20 hours of recording

Can use up to a 32GB SD (roughly 160 hours worth of recording)

G766 is only sold in Costco and is the SAME EXACT unit as the G755. The only difference is that the G766 comes with a 8GB SD card & G755 comes with a 4GB SD card.

G455 has a 4.3 inch touch screen monitor

G755/G766 has a 7 inch touch screen monitor

UDW Surveillance Systems

Each camera can only be paired to a single monitor at a time. 

When connecting to the computer, the monitor needs to be connected to the computer with the USB cord & connected to electricity with the ac adapter. Manual has a typo

System has a wireless signal from the camera to the monitor but it is not cordless power(for those that say, “I thought it was wireless”) Cams will need to stay connected to outlet for power

System does not give audio on the computer

System does not do quad screen mode on the computer

System does not shuffle between cams on the computer

System can only view/record one camera at a time

The only method of recording we support is through the software provided in the box installed into the computer

24 full hours worth or recording takes about 3.5GB of space on their computer’s hard drive

Indoor cameras(UDWC23) use the same ac adapters as the UDW10000 monitors

Outdoor cameras(UDWC25) us the same ac adapter as the UDW20000 mointors



Surveillance Systems

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