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How to setup your UDR444 or UBR243 for remote viewing via Skype™

How can I configure my UDR444 Video Surveillance System or UBR243 Baby Monitor for SKYPE?

How to setup your UDR444 or UBR243 for remote viewing via Skype™


·         Two Skype™ accounts

·         A computer

·         A second computer OR separate Skype™ ready device (I.E. Android or Apple phone/table)

·         Uniden Model UDR444, Wireless Video Surveillance Camera


1.       Follow the owner’s manual instructions for Viewing On Your Computer (see page 28 of owner’s manual).

a.       Insert the CD included in your package into your PC.

                                                               i.      For Windows: Select the USB Driver file and double-click to run the program

b.      Follow the instructions from the InstallShield Wizard.

                                                               i.      For Windows:

                                                             ii.      For Windows:  Select Finish, completing the installation.



c.       Connect your home computer to the monitor with the USB cable (included). The monitor screen goes blank and the PC displays the camera video. Your UDR444 system is now connected to your PC.


2.       Setup a NEW Skype™ account. DO NOT USE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT. You will need 2 Skype™ accounts. One that connects to your camera and your personal one that you can use to view your camera on remote devices. (Simplified instructions can be found on page 29 of the owner’s manual).

a.       Go to and click on the Join Us link in the top right corner.


b.      Fill out the profile information requested by Skype™ and click the I agree – Continue button at the bottom of the page.


c.       Download Skype™ for Windows










d.      Install Skype™ using the Install Wizard.


e.      Once installed and logged in, Skype™ should have setup the camera automatically (as long as the camera was still plugged into your computer as mentioned above during setup. Step 1.c), but you will need to setup Skype™ to “Auto Answer”

                                                               i.      Click the Tools menu and select Options.


                                                               ii.      Select Video settings and then select Wireless Monitoring System in the Select webcam drop down box.


f.       Next, you will need to setup Skype™ to “Auto Answer”

       i.      In the Call settings screen check the  Answer incoming calls automatically and the Start my video automatically when I am in a call options.




1.       3. Invite your second Skype™ account into your contacts by clicking the Add Contact button.


5.    4. On another device log into second Skype™ account and accept the invitation.

If you do not have a second Skype™ account you will have to create one by following the instructions above (sections 2.a and 2.b).


2.    5. From your second Skype™ account, on a different device call your first Skype™ account that you just added to your contacts list.




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