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My handset(s) says "Searching" or "Out Of Range" and there is no dial tone.


You can first try a Basic Reset.

A reset is done by following the below steps:
1. Disconnect the battery from handset(s)
2. Disconnect Phone Cord from wall jack
3. Disconnect Phone cord from base unit
4. Disconnect AC adapter from wall outlet
5. Allow to sit for 30 min
6. Reconnect Phone Cord to base
7. Reconnect Phone cord to wall jack
8. Reconnect AC Adapter to wall outlet
9. Reconnect battery into handset until you click or feel the plug snap into place
10. Re-Register Handset by placing on main base

You can also try the following:
If your handset displays "Searching" or "Out Of Range on the LCD screen of the handset and does not receive a dial tone it most likely has lost communication with the main base unit. In order to reset the communication with the base unit and the handset you must first do the "Base Unavailable" or "Replacing Base" (Depending on the model) procedure to the handset(s) that are displaying this. This can be done  using the instructions found in your models owner's manual. After you have done that, the handset will now be in "Registration Mode" & you can now register the handset to the main base unit using the registration instructions also found in the owner's manual.

Use web addresses provided to view the owner's manual online if you no longer have yours.

If you have a 2.4 ghz or 5.8 ghz model phone use web address below.

  Click Here 

If you have a DECT 6.0 model phone use web address below.

  Click Here

If the problem still continues it may be more appropriate to contact Uniden Customer Service directly for further assistance. Uniden Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-297-1023 M-F 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. CST. The following choices will get you to a customer service rep. 4, 3, 1, then 7. You can also e-mail Customer Service directly




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